Community Works Social Justice Day – City of Boston Proclamation 

Whereas Community Works, Inc. was founded in 1982 by two of Boston’s most committed social justice activists, Fran Froehlich and Kip Tiernan; and

Whereas for more than 35 years,  Community Works, Inc. has organized workforce payroll campaigns to support some of Boston’s most impactful nonprofit social justice organizationsand

Whereas these social justice organizations have provided support and services for thousands of the most vulnerable residents of Greater Boston and Massachusetts for more than three decades; and

Whereas these social justice organizations have provide have forged innovative collaborations to promote worker’s rights, environmental justice, racial and gender equity, and neighborhood empowerment, and,

Whereas these services have been supported through the generosity of individuals in Massachusetts bu donating funds directly out of their paychecks; now

Therefore, I, Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of Boston, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, October 2, 2017 to be:

Community Works Social Justice Day
In the City of Boston

I urge all my fellow Bostonians to join me in recognizing this unique organization and all it has done to support social justice in our city.

October 2, 2017