Make a Difference

Why not join the many prominent Boston area companies, institutions and other organizations that have partnered with Community Works? They recognize that adding Community Works to the workplace giving campaign is the right thing to do for the community. But there’s something in it for their company, too.

Improve Employee Relations
Trends indicate that America’s changing work environment favors employee empowerment and involvement. An expanded campaign places more control and responsibility in the hands of employees. It can energize and breathe new life into an annual campaign, while employees often develop a greater awareness of community issues and potential volunteer opportunities.

Employees who value a diverse range of options in their giving appreciate workplace charitable choice. In fact, a United Way of America study found that 71 percent of private sector employees wanted a broader choice – beyond United Way – in their workplace campaigns.

Increase Employee Giving
When employees are offered more choices in their workplace campaigns, employees give more generously. A 1998 study* of America’s leading companies showed that overall giving increased in 90 percent of companies where a broader range of options was made available to employees through the annual campaign. This is compared to 79 percent in United Way only campaigns.

Enhance Your Role in the Community
As you know, people in the community appreciate companies that support local charitable programs. Workplace campaigns are an effective, low cost tool to enhance a company’s image among key stakeholders and the general public. By adding Community Works through an expanded campaign, you encourage investment that strengthens a positive company image while helping to meet community needs.

According to researchers in the field of socially responsible investing, an expanded workplace giving campaign is one sign of a more thoughtful, innovative approach to corporate philanthropy.

* “Valuing Employee Involvement” (May 1998), The Consulting Network