Help make a difference. One employee at a time.

If you don’t currently offer Community Works as part of your employee charitable giving plan, we encourage you to join the diverse group of organizations who do. By adding Community Works to your charitable giving plan, you make it easy for you and your employees to make a positive impact on your local community, among people who need it the most. That’s because Community Works members are the kind of grassroots, neighborhood organizations that are often overlooked.

Getting Started

Every year, more and more companies, colleges and universities, health care organizations and state and federal agencies are partnering with Community Works. In doing so, they’re empowering their employees, contributing to employee retention, and building a direct link to the local community. Together, we’ve raised over $5 million for our member organizations since 1982. Setting up your workplace campaign with Community Works is easy. Simply contact us at 617-423-9555 or email us at

Although Community Works is focused locally, we are members of a national network of grassroots community organizations called, Community Shares USA. This association allows local employers with employees outside the Boston area to offer a single local, grassroots charitable giving option to all employees, wherever they live. Visit to learn more.

Launching Your Campaign

We are experts at working with companies to minimize costs and customize campaigns to meet your needs. Community Works understands the importance of making it easy for a company to offer a giving campaign. That’s why we make it our business to ensure that adding Community Works to your workplace is as simple as possible. Simply contact us at 617-423-9555 or email us at

If you do not currently have a workplace giving campaign, creating one is a simple matter.

  • Distribute our brochures and pledge cards to your employees.
  • Gather interested employees for a short presentation.
  • Process the pledge cards.

It is not difficult to set up another payroll giving option. Your workplace already has a system for deducting payroll taxes, and may also deduct for medical and retirement costs. You can simply allocate one payroll field for Community Works and issue a check for the employees’ deductions within your established distribution system.

Community Works tracks employee designations and distributes funds to our member organizations according to donor wishes. The only information your payroll department needs to track is the amount each employee wishes to deduct each pay period.

NOTE: Community Works does NOT solicit employees outside the campaign.

Just by visiting this page you have already taken an important step toward helping your organization – and your employees – make a difference in the Boston area. Community Works is your link to innovative, grass-roots organizations working for things we all believe in – dignity, equality and opportunity for all those in our communities.