Meet the Staff

Mary Woodman Amato / Administrative
There is a great spirit of creative teamwork and purpose at CW. My Maine, small-town beginnings give me a strong connection to the values of “community”. These are expressed through wonderful diversity and focus in the intention and action of CW. When asked, “What is the meaning of life?” The Dalai Lama answered – “To be happy and to make others happy”. This is the work we do at CW; just about the most positively rewarding place I’ve ever worked.”An EdM and Doctoral work at HGSF has only confirmed my realization of the importance of kindness in the world…working for Social Justice.

Catherine Joseph / Executive Director
Catherine spent many years on the Community Works Board of Directors in officer positions before she came on board as Interim Administrator.  She brings knowledge of the inner workings of a cooperative alternative funding board and an expertise in the landscape of philanthropy.  She hopes to use her knowledge and experience to further the mission and goals of Community Works and to prove that a collaborative and cooperative approach to fundraising, using CW’s unique platform, is both cost efficient and successful.



Fran Froehlich /Former Executive Director (1999- 2016),
Fran is cofounder and former director of the Boston-based umbrella group Community Works. She and cofounder Kip Tiernan created Community Works in 1982 to develop a source of support for social justice member organizations, primarily through partnerships with local businesses as part of their employee giving campaigns. After retiring from Community Works Fran resumed her role as Director of The Poor People’s United Fund.