Together we are changing people’s lives. 

Imagine a society where everyone is included in the equitable sharing resources-adequate and affordable housing, excellent pubic education, affordable health care, safe work environments, livable wages, and freedom from discrimination.

At Community Works, we turn this vision into reality. Our membership represents a portfolio of community-based social justice organizations working to build the human capacity that is vital to addressing the challenges facing our neighborhoods, our communities and our planet.

Real Change. Right Here in our communities.

By Giving to Community Works you support organizations that have:

  • Recruited 17,000 men and boys to pledge their support for ending violence against women.
  • Fought for and helped win equal rights marriage cases in Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Established 3 year internships for teens to develop environment organizers and leaders.
  • Provided nutrition and pre-school education for 90 Zambian AIDS orphans.
  • Engaged over 5,000 low-income citizens in the political process through community organizing in their neighborhoods.